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PB Brand Travel Ball Glove - 10.5" (PBTGTR1050-RHT)

PB Brand Travel Ball Glove - 10.5" (PBTGTR1050-RHT)

  • $184.95

BPTTravel 1050 infield trainer is made of SandLot leather and features USA tanned leather lacing.  PBPro Travel Trainer is a 10.5" infield trainer featuring a Pro I Web style. PBPro training gloves are built for and inspired by players for players. PBPro takes infield training gloves to the next level.

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic Funnel Design for optimal transfer training and improved "Pickability"
  • High-quality SandLot Leather
  • Black cowhide palm lining for added comfort and durability
  • Popular Pro | Web
  • Conventional open back style
  • For right-handed throwers