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MVP Sprint Robotic Pop Up Tackling Dummy

  • $6,499.95

The most important player on your practice squad this year could be a robot. The MVP (Mobile Virtual Player) Sprint is a fully remote controlled pop up dummy that your team can tackle for 3 hours and every time it gets up ready for the next hit. Perfecting technique without risking injury is a dream for coaches. Make the dream a reality with the one and only MVP Sprint robotic pop up tackling dummy; it does 30 kph, turns on a dime, runs on grass or turf, can be used for offensive and defensive drills, does not require a water break and will never talk back to the coach. Over 75 programs in the USA and Canada are making their players better with the MVP Sprint.

We have secured the exclusive rights to sell and service this product in Western Canada. We are proud to be on the front lines of reducing concussions through technology. The drop in concussion rates is substantial and at the new lower price of $ 6,499.95* it is affordable and should be a part of every football and rugby program in the country.

Shown below are the immediate benefits that Dartmouth College recorded due to using the Sprint.

Join the Pittsburgh Steelers, Russell Wilson, Dartmouth College, Notre Dame University and a host of others in putting the MVP Sprint to work with your group. There are a lot of Youtube videos showing the MVP in action. Here is a link to get you started:

Each MVP Sprint is built as you order; typical lead time for delivery is 12-14 weeks delivered to your door. For further information, or to just get busy and place an order:

In British Columbia contact Barry O’Hara @ 778-837-1832 email:

In Alberta and Saskatchewan contact Dan Williams @ 604-302-9377 email:

*Price is exclusive of taxes and shipping.