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Mizuno MVP Prime 11.75" Glove (GMVP1175P3BC)

Mizuno MVP Prime 11.75" Glove (GMVP1175P3BC)

  • $139.95

The Mizuno MVP Prime 11.75" Baseball Glove is a user-friendly choice for elite infielders looking to improve their diamond defense. It features a web pattern and centered pocket design that is easy to break-in and helps you scoop, catch and transition the ball with confidence.


  • Crafted with smooth Bio Soft leather for exceptional feel
  • Center pocket pattern sets pocket under index finger for easy break-in
  • Palm pad helps reduce sting and deadens ball at impact
  • Regular pocket depth for secure ball catching and control
  • Size: 11.75"
  • Position: Infield
  • Web Pattern: Deep III web
  • Back: Open