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Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 7 Metal Fastpitch Low -Black

Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 7 Metal Fastpitch Low -Black

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The #1 fastpitch cleat. Combining incredible performance, comfort, and value, the new Swift 8 Low Metal is Gender Engineered for softball-specific movements, providing enhanced cushioning and ultimate comfort. Also features a padded booty tongue for an added layer of comfort. The new 2 layered insole provides maximum step in comfort.

  • 9 SPIKE®: Spikes strategically positioned to maximize movement and traction.
  • MIZUNO WAVE®: The MIZUNO WAVE® plate disperses energy from impact to a broader area providing a stable platform and a superior cushioning.
  • Full length midsole: Heel to toe cushioning for ultimate comfort.
  • Padded Bootie Tongue: For superior fit and comfort.