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Hands Inside Trainer

Hands Inside Trainer

  • $39.95

  • The Goal of the Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T.) is to teach you how to HIT properly! How? By promoting the proper muscle memory of attacking the INSIDE of the ball with the proper hand/bat path during the swing.
  • Constructed of durable 85 durometer urethane, the H.I.T. will NOT break, crack or rot over time. The stem of the H.I.T. is made of solid urethane, and the thinner upper "j" portion is flexible enough not to damage expensive bats, but rigid enough to retain it's memory after being struck on mishits.
  • The H.I.T. works with both baseballs and softballs and both Lefty and Righty hitters.
  • The H.I.T. adjusts to different size bats