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Gravity Straps

Gravity Straps

  • $59.95

The GoFit Gravity Straps harness your body weight, making it all the resistance you need for a variety of total-body exercises. This ideal fitness tool installs into your doorway in seconds with no hardware, offering a super effective workout that's ultra convenient to use at home and when traveling. Build strength, increase your balance and gain core stability for a better lifestyle. 

Why are the Gravity Straps so effective for conditioning?
There are 3 simple and effective ways to change the level of the Gravity Straps resistance, making it the perfect tool for any level of fitness enthusiast:

  1. Changing the Angle
  2. Changing the Starting Point
  3. Changing the Foundation

Because the Gravity Straps enable one to use their own body weight as the resistance, the workload can either be increased or decreased simply by changing the angle, in which they’re working.