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Focused For Fastpitch

Focused For Fastpitch

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Focused for Fastpitch combines the best qualities of a drill book and a softball-specific guide to sport psychology, ensuring that come game time everyone will play at peak performance.

Informative yet easy to read, mastering the Focused for Fastpitchtraining principles requires no prior experience, and each chapter includes interactive exercises and charts to help monitor progress. Each drill clearly specifies the mental and physical skills targeted, the goal, proper execution, coaching tips, and variations for increasing or decreasing difficulty. And for additional insight into successful skill building, some favorite drills are included from these top coaches:
  • Gayle Blevins, University of Iowa
  • Tami Brown, All-American Softball School’s College Prep Program
  • Connie Clark, University of Texas
  • Michelle Gromacki, California State University, Fullerton
  • Jacquie Joseph, Michigan State University
  • Brian Kolze, University of the Pacific
  • Patrick Murphy, University of Alabama
  • Coaching staff, University of California, Davis
  • John Reeves, University of California
  • Kathy Strahan, California State University, Sacramento