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Fit To Pitch Baseball

Fit To Pitch Baseball

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Tom House takes the guesswork out of physical, mechanical, and nutritional preparation, so that you can take the mound Fit to Pitch.


Part I: Fit to Pitch Training Components
Chapter 1. Training to Pitch
Chapter 2. Flexibility Training
Chapter 3. Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning
Chapter 4. Muscle Endurance Conditioning
Chapter 5. Muscle Strength Conditioning
Chapter 6. Flat-Ground Throwing
Chapter 7. Pitching From the Mound

Part II: Fit to Pitch Training Program
Chapter 8. The Macro Cycle
Chapter 9. The Micro Cycle

Part III: Fit to Pitch Rehab and Nutrition
Chapter 10. Rehabilitative Training
Chapter 11. The Pitcher`s Training Table

Appendix: Weekly Resistance and Mound-Throwing Volume Worksheet

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