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Elevated Chin Up Station

  • $69.95

The Elevated Chin Up Station takes chin-ups to a new level — literally. Our multi-use Chin Up Station incorporates a new patent-pending design that elevates you above the door frame giving more clearance and a full range of motion for a better workout. It can be used for chin-ups and pull-ups in several hand positions at two elevations, as well as sit-ups, push-ups and dips when mounted low or placed on the floor.

The Elevated Chin Up Station instantly and easily mounts in a standard doorway with no screws, using leverage and gravity. It may be removed quickly and easily at any time with no tools. Constructed of moulded steel and painted with durable enamel, it is built to last. The unit has 3 foam handgrip locations and padded tubing where the unit contacts with the door frame.

Abs Straps and a Gravity Band are sold separately and are great for working your abs and obliques.

Fits most standard-sized doorways 32" to 34" with 2"-5.5" mouldings with at least 1/2" depth. A solid and secured door frame is required for proper installation.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs