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Demarini CF Insane -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXCF1-19)

Demarini CF Insane -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat (WTDXCF1-19)

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The DeMarini CF Insane (-10) Fastpitch bat takes the popular -10 model and adds a little extra pop for those ready to take their power to the next level. Thanks to the Paraflex Composite barrel design, the 22% stronger composite material is able to be more precisely distributed to give this bat an endload. The 3-Fusion System, which optimizes bat weight control and performance, helps make this the tool you need to crush the competition.If you want to be the best, you always have to keep pushing forward. You can't stop. Because the moment you do, someone is ready to take your place. Just like the hitters we make our bats for, we strive to improve year after year.