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Coaching Pitchers - 3rd Edition Baseball

Coaching Pitchers - 3rd Edition Baseball

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Coaching Pitchers offers solid, proven advice from one of the college game’s best pitching coaches. Currently the head baseball coach at James Madison University, Spanky McFarland has coached 55 players on their way to the big leagues (including Kevin Brown of the Los Angeles Dodgers). Now McFarland delivers in book form the same instruction that took these players to the top.

Chapter 1 Developing Proper Mechanics
Chapter 2 Teaching Grips and Techniques for Pitches
Chapter 3 Instructing How to Hold Runners and Field the Position
Chapter 4 Practicing, Drilling, and Using Training Aids
Chapter 5 Conditioning the Arm and Body
Chapter 6 Creating a Winning Mental Approach
Chapter 7 Choosing and Implementing a Game Strategy
Chapter 8 Building Catcher-Pitcher Chemistry
Chapter 9 Managing the Pitching Staff and Bullpen