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Blastball Set

Blastball Set

  • $199.95

BLASTBALL! , is very simple to organize and allows:

An inexpensive start-up budget 
Minimal operational expense for facilities, equipment or administration 
Does not require significant space to play like soccer, baseball and softball...up to 5 BLASTBALL! , games can be run at the same time on a typical baseball field.
  • BLASTBALL! , teaches all five basic fundamentals of baseball...hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding. It is also just a ton of fun with fast and continuous action and simple rules.
  • BLASTBALL! , can be played indoors or out, regardless of the weather. Great for schools and recreation departments
Blastball Set comes complete with:
  • BlastBase
  • Blast Tee
  • BlastBall (2-pack)
  • BlastBat
  • Cone
  • Field Marker  

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