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Allstar Protective Inner Glove - Youth

Allstar Protective Inner Glove - Youth

  • $49.95

Protective inner glove designed for both catching and fielding. Lightweight and thin d3o™ palm pad absorbs and spreads shock over a large surface area, limiting the amount of nerve damage in the hand after repeated hard balls.

Padding extends all the way from the wrist, for those wild bad hops, and all the way up through the index finger. Thin and breathable fabric on back of hand keeps hands cool, even on hot days, and is easy to slide in and out of mitt. Index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers have tacky surface applied for extra grip in the mitt.

Sold as eaches. Left or right hand specific.

d3o™ Intelligent Shock Absorption™ is a patented, shock absorbing material which flows as you move but lock together on shock to absorb the impact energy.