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2023 Easton Encore Hybid -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB23EN)

2023 Easton Encore Hybid -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB23EN)

  • $340.00
  • Save $109

  • CompCore Technology -- Ringless R5 alloy barrel is thinned out by 30% and internally backed with Thermo Composite Technology across the length of the hitting surface, creating a thinner barrel wall, bigger sweet spot, and maximized trampoline effect
  • PureLynk CXN connects the handle directly to the barrel, maximizing overall stiffness, energy transfer, and power at contact
  • Power Boost "Soft Knob" technology provides hitters with more leverage while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle -- Designed with extra-stiff carbon fibers to create a more-solid handle, giving the most elite athletes the stiff feel they love
  • Premium Sound -- The unique combination of a thinner alloy barrel backed by composite CompCore Technology, delivers a truly unique sound profile that is both bright and powerful, building confidence with every swing
  • Flow-Tack Grip -- Easton's most premium grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack